Auckland Airport 5 Star Hotel

In the early days of the concept and design phase of the Pullman Hotel, Auckland International Airport, EFTL were involved in consulting with Warren and Mahoney on this stunning piece of architecture.  In 2022 we were officially onboarded into the project by Dominion Construction to supply and install a bespoke Architectural Terrazzite Resin Floor to the Reception/Lobby and Café and Bar areas. We also installed Sureshield Mode ZV to the Café Servery, Bar, Store and Keg Room and Production Kitchen.

The floor tells the story of the settlement of the area and represents the first Waka arriving, the sandy foreshores and sandstone cliffs as you navigate the room and take in all of the elements from floor to ceiling.

The floor is around 20mm thick with the largest grade marble around 15mm, it includes locally sourced stone and shells. As a very special inclusion we were provided with a collection of shells from local Iwi, some of which had been in possession of families for generations, we were blown away to meet some of the donors and help them locate their contributions, polished beautifly and encased in resin and stone.

There are two subtly distinct blends which are defined throughout the space with a staggering 776 linear meters of brass work all placed with pinpoint accuracy.

This is a space beautifully created by a combination of visionary design and artisan trades, we are honored to have contributed to it.

Luxury Lodge Kitchen
Epoxy floor for Griffins Foods